Local Guides & Guided Tours Kuala Terengganu

We are bunch of experience outdoor junkies since newborn where our team are truely local people from east coast region of peninsular Malaysia. We also are a bunch of people whom dont know how to tell people a good stories but what we know is – we offering what we good to offer. Beside our experience, we have a good complete crew with equipment & essential of basic necessities to cater a large group in the jungle. We can cook for you!

We also not so good to write in English as you can read here but we still able to talk & listen for our communication. We just local outdoor junkies from rural area. But we ready to learn English!

This website is a community-based tourism initiative platform that works with local communities to create authentic travel experiences that leave a positive impact. We bridge the gap between local and tourist to help residents benefit directly from tourism and to share the real local communities with visitors.

Gombug.Net is our sponsors which develop and maintain this website and also all of tech-savvy and online marketing works. That's why we running on subdomain to minimal our cost.

Most of the places you can arrive by yourself using public transport or any option you can choose without engaged with us. We offer to facilitate with extra services at minimum charges just for our little earning. Every place offered is our playground.

That's it. Simple and straightforward.